4 Natural-drinks quench thirst in summer

Summer is not only a charming moment, but also a singing warmth, far from satisfying everyone. It is particularly difficult for individuals who live in the southern parts of the nation or unusually sticky areas - the heat is more sensual than in a dry atmosphere.
Everyone uses their way of saving heat, but no one can manage without drinks that can quench their thirst. What is prescribed to enjoy the heat and what are the most demanding drinks?

The main ingredient will be traditional drinking water. Not bubbling, notice, but standard water at room temperature. Ice should not be rinsed - from the outset, there is a danger of sore throats, and icy water will not extinguish thirst or forest drying.

Natural-drinks quench thirst in summer
Natural-drinks quench thirst in summer

This drink extinguishes thirst, restores body parity, also lowers cholesterol, and improves invulnerability. Rather than lemon, you can utilize grapefruit or orange . In summer bistros and restaurants, such drinks can be found everywhere. The important thing to remember: remember that lemonade with your standard water (no matter if it is bubbling by hand) can't supplant lemons!

Cold fruit puree. Summer is simply the perfect opportunity for berries and organic products, which themselves require compotes and "five minutes". The main place is involved by the notoriety of pop: strawberry, cherry, and plum compote, at that time everything else. In the compote, you can include ice and mint on the risk off you want. Such a drink turns off your thirst and stimulates nutrients in your body while simultaneously cracking it down.

Made from only new natural product juices. On the time risk that the drink is excessively thick, it is generally weakened to the ideal consistency with the new organic juice. Without sugar, with citrus extricate, etc. Just common objects. The perfect formula for smoothies is to mix savoury yogurt with milk and organic products. Watermelon smoothie - especially in the blistering summer climate. Make your life simpler! Cool the watermelon, leave it, take 300 g of boneless puree in addition to a banana and turn all this magnificence into banana watermelon cream. For the finished cream, include live salted yogurt or kefir and mint. At that time, put it in a blender with a dessert.

Natural product water. It can very well be set up from any organic product in the cooler, including water, ice, and so on. For example, for nutritious lemon water, you work lemon, lime and orange divided into cups with a spoon so that they give juice (not oats!). Currently, we include ice (don't stay close to the plate!) and water, mix and close the top, wrapping it in the cooler.

You can also weaken somewhere in the range of five spoons (e.g. strawberries) with water and again include some mint leaves and a few squares of 3D ice. In addition, solid ice forms, as well, can be made with berries, putting small strawberries, currants, or fruits in the mussels before pouring them with water and freezing them.

Hip stock. A healthy and animating drink with a strong portion of nutritional decoction C. Rosehip quickly extinguishes thirst, maintains body tone, compensates for nutrient deficiencies C. You can also weaken the rosehip syrup purchased in pharmacies with water. This drink is not reasonable as a mid-year reward for people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases.

Fermented Tea This prepared drink, which was generally famous on Soviet occasions, is probably the best drink, which furthermore has incredible recovery properties. The parasite (and, indeed, the metitset animal) fills up like a characteristic antimical, decreases weight and weight, treats colds, and so on.

The kefir. The benefits of kefir to quench thirst - much. Among the main ones, one can extinguish the proximity of natural acids in the creation, which allows to quickly extinguish the ailments. Despite rapid retention: unlike similar milk, yogurt is caught up in just 60 minutes. In addition, the flow of ripened dairy products to quench their thirst incorporates tanning and aerogee, just as exemplary, drinking yogurt without added substances and sugar-

MorsNaturally, normally. In these drinks - thirst hi, but additionally a flexibly of nutrients. While picking juices in the shop, choose regular drinks, as improved drinks with fake organic products will make you nothing but bad. The walrus, which can quench your thirst, should not contain sugar!
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