Healthy Foods That Help You Burn Fat for weight loss

 It is no longer a secret for anyone, eating too much fat, too sweet or too salty makes you fat. A healthy diet can, therefore, allow you to lose pounds. Before embarking on a balanced kitchen, it is imperative to know which foods to ban. Do you like sodas? If you don't dare to replace them with water right away, try slowly changing your habits. Start by drinking water with syrup. As the weeks go by, slowly reduce the amount of syrup you dilute in water. Once you've managed to reduce your sugar intake, replace the syrup with squeezed lemon juice: the results won't belong incoming! When it comes to solid food, you need to focus on fruits and vegetables.

Healthy Foods That Help You Burn Fat for weight loss
Healthy Foods That Help You Burn Fat for weight loss

How can I cook during my diet?

Even if you don't like cooking, you'll need to take a little time each day to prepare your dishes. The ready meals you buy at the supermarket contain preservatives, lots of salt, sugar, and fat. Although practical, they are therefore to be avoided as much as possible. Before you shop, write down the week's menu and make a list of ingredients to buy. You can also equip yourself with a steam cooker to save time and store vitamins and minerals in food. Don't overcook your food to store nutrients.

Dietary meal idea

A meal of steamed potatoes, green beans, and chicken cutlets will bring you energy and slow sugars. You can pour a drizzle of olive oil and a little fleur de sel to give taste to your dish. As a starter, a green salad, a few slices of tomato, and onion will bring you freshness, vitamins, and fiber. For dessert, settle for yogurt or fruit. If you chew well, you will be surprised to see that your stomach will be full after such a meal. The latter requires very little time and investment. Raw vegetables as a starter, a dish with vegetables or cereals and lean meat and dessert, that's what you'll have to eat at lunchtime.

Keeping pace won't always be easy, but over time, cooking will become a habit. You won't find that you don't need to add crème fraîche or butter to all your dishes. Cook with water or steam and lose weight in complete serenity!

Prefer fruits and vegetables

When we are told that we have to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day, it is not to sell the products of market gardeners! Indeed, fruits and vegetables have a satiating power not to be overlooked, especially thanks to their high fiber content. Also, it is these same fibers that will trap fats, capture them in the digestive system, and then eliminate them naturally. This helps to limit their assimilation and thus their storage in the tissues. Besides, fruits and vegetables reduce the glycemic load of a meal (the release of insulin is, therefore, less, which reduces the storage of sugars, stored as fats).

Healthy Foods That Help You Burn Fat for weight loss
Healthy Foods That Help You Burn Fat for weight loss

Avoid light products

On diets, we tend to rely on low-fat products to consume as few calories as possible. However, while these low-fat products contain less fat (especially dairy products essential at 0%), they still contain more sugars (several studies have shown this). Now, sugar means insulin that soars and therefore inevitably stores carbohydrates in fat cells. Also, the more sugar you eat, the more this adipose tissue increases its storage capacity! Ditto for the added fructose, which must be avoided if one monitors its weight (and it is not anything when you know that it has invaded the food industry).

Stop hydrogenated fats but not proteins

Pastry, biscuit, pastries, frying, breading... this bad fat in industrial foods has only recently existed. Our body does not have enzymes to eliminate them (because it is too recent for our genetic heritage), it stores them. On the contrary, the proteins of meat, fish, poultry or even egg are not only satiating, but they also have another advantage: that of making the body spend much more energy (nearly 1/5 of the calories absorbed!), which allows us to store less fat while preserving our muscle mass.

Prefer omega 3 to omega 6

Omega 6, found in corn and sunflower oils (and therefore in most industrial products), promotes the development of adipose tissues through their pro-inflammatory action. While omega 3s are not only good for the heart and brain but also good for the line! Indeed, they are reputed to accelerate weight loss while promoting the melting of body fat... It is, therefore, necessary to consume it regularly to destock fats, especially since a deficiency of omega 3 is the cause of overweight (including abdominal).

In addition to regular sports, it is therefore quite possible to burn fat by eating... provided you choose your diet well!

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